Giving back to the Community

For all of December, Jon and Bethany have been donating 10% of their total earnings to Hope for Heather, which has reached over half it's goal of $5,000. You can help too, and learn more 

Heathers GoFundMe-https://gf.me/u/y9mbrf

Hope for Heather Facebook Group-



Demand has been crazy this year!

Due to the cost of supplies due to covid19 (gloves are insanely expensive now), and the demand for work by Bethany with a few other factors, our shop Minimum is now $80, and Mandatory Deposits must be made to book.


Regardless what anyone thinks, we still gotta follow the law.

In order to make our business operate, we have rules and regulation's to follow- religion, science, regardless whom you voted for, or what other tattoo shops are doing, we ask that you don't be a Karen, and be willing to wear a mask if asked. We got some cool Hand Sanitizer sent to us by Dynamic Ink, and it's kept us CovidFree so far!




Bethany Cheung, Tattoo and Piercings at Dragon's Den in Dawsonville, GA has been tattooing since 2013, having worked thousands of art, with people whom travel out of state and across the country for her work. She never settles short, her work is her signature, and she refuses to let price effect the quality of her work- it’s important that all her clients are satisfied with the smallest and largest designs they come to her for.

In 2019, I began working at Dragon's Den Tattoo in Dawsonville, GA. We care about our work, your art, and the lasting beauty of our mutual dedication to your everlasting inked designs. I look forward to your satisfaction. – Befnee Preez


Hwy 53 E, Suite 210
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Doors open at 2pm and close when we're booked, at capacity, or done for the day (usually sometime between 8 and 9pm)

We are appointment only, walk-in's open for consultation and deposits. 

Same day tattoo's vary from artists availability, upcoming time slots, your design and readily available references. 

Bethany- Tuesday/Saturday. Sunday and Monday availability by discretion. Custom, Flash, Book in Advance, don't be surprised with a little of a wait- but we promise it's a fun wait. 

Amber- Wednesday- Saturday, available by online booking only.

Jon- Tuesday-Saturday, Book in Advance for Custom work, Same Day Walk In Flash by open availability.

Piercings are are professional by Bethany and Amber and by request.

Tori, our piercing apprentice is available for walk-in piercings.

Our apprentice Hannah will not be working on Skin for the time being.

Robert "Bob" Shelton is living the dream, the shop is operated by Jonathan and Bethany Cheung, so he can relax as he has so earned with many years of ink under his belt, and Dragon's Den being his legacy since 1993. You may get lucky to see him and Linda at the shop these days. Bob's been tattooing since the dinosaurs went extinct.

Bethany and Jon are a married couple that shared a bigger vision beyond making money. They are passionate about the image of Dragon's Den, and engaging with the community. Over the coarse of 2019 and 2020(a disaster), they did everything they could to close the shop by law, communicate and work with environmental health to open back up properly, and get the name Dragon's Den back out there bringing in a large following of clientele from other parts of Georgia. If you have a problem with the service, they will take care you. Unless of coarse, you're a Karen trying to take advantage of generous hospitality. (winky face) 


Bethany and Jonathan Cheung

Family Friendly Tattoo Business

They aren't Bob and Linda, or John, Chris, Casper, or Daniel...but they're pretty awesome.

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8426 HWY 53 E STE 201


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